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Our Experience

AM Carparts was founded in 2016 by Markus Lammers und Alen Nikci. But Markus and Alen have decades of experience in sales and procurement in the same market. Primarily products to spruce up the car are sourced (Tuning), but also other parts for the car and beyond, belong to the product range of AM Carparts.

Our Objective

Our target is to provide the best possible opportunities for customers and partners through a unique product selection at the best prices and with excellent customer service. This builds a company that is better for both partners and employees.

Our History

In 2016, the first container was imported as a combined effort and with help from friends and family. This year containers will be imported in the mid-triple digits and there is still no end in sight. The network of affiliated partners has grown over all of Europe with business concentrating in Northern and Western Europe.

Our Network

The network of affiliated partners has grown across Europe, but AM still looks for deeper and trustful partnerships in whole Europe. The affiliated partners buy imported goods from AM Carparts to sell with good EBIT-margin to mostly end customers, but also have possibilities to sell to B2B customers and exchange goods with other partners in the network, with access granted to many warehouses in Europe.

Our logistics center

Our 3000 sq-meters logistics center in the heart of Europe is trimmed to deliver the precious goods just in time to our Partners. 

We have 

  • docking bays to unload containers efficiently, 
  • highbay and lowbay racks, 
  • modern mobile computer terminals to coordinate picking and 
  • most importantly a highly motivated crew to fulfill our customers every wish.

Our primary goal is to keep costs for logistics low to be able to offer the best deal on the market. Therefore we try to avoid stockkeeping and concentrate on crossdocking the goods as much as possible. But we have a broad selection of fastmovers in the warehouse. Talk to us!


Our mission is to supply our partners with exclusive products of highest quality at competitive prices. While pursuing our strategic goals we aim to maintain strong long-term relationships with our business partners. We meet on eye level and prefer growing together with our partners over short-term profits. Sustainability and Customer Service is the number one priority in our daily business.




You are a successful business owner and you have proven to yourself and to the world that you can prevail. TOGETHER we can achieve even more. No one person will be able to fix all the challenges and to know all the tricks. It takes all of us, working together, to make a difference. We can’t do this all on our own. Better together and together is BETTER!


Our partners are strong in their respective markets and we have partners in many markets. We see trends when they start in one market and then spread to other markets. We know what makes a company successful and which errors to avoid at best. Would you like to know which products will be trending in your market?

Good Prices

Good prices are not everything, but without good prices, everything is nothing. We have a broad range of excellent suppliers in Europe and beyond for premium quality at budget prices. With the good prices we want you to thrive in your market. If you grow, we grow. Better together.


We have a large distribution center in the heart of Europe with thousands of storage locations and can organize transports to all international destinations. Most importantly: our partners can offer their goods to all the other partners in the network. Improving availability and at the same time offering an additional sales channel to everybody. Together is better.

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